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Fitness Classes

Fitness - Conditioning & Strength

"I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I'll be damned if I'm not trying the hardest."

Train, shape, strengthen and tone with our cutting-edge fitness and conditioning classes. You’ll be inspired and challenged by the variety of classes we offer - core, resistance training, high-intensity metabolic training (Tabata Bootcamp and Insanity) – in carefully designed, comprehensive workouts to help you build endurance, strength, power and flexibility while targeting all of the major muscle groups. Take charge of transforming with our help!

Our dynamic conditioning programs combine innovative modalities such as tires, battle ropes and rings, along with time-honored training approaches, such as medicine balls, free weights, kettlebells, bosu balls and bands, to support your fitness goals and achievements.

Our goal is to take the boredom out of fitness – we help some clients jump-start their fitness training and provide challenging, more intensive classes for others. Our all level classes in intimate settings allow us to give personalized attention to our clients so they can maintain and enhance their overall physical health and wellbeing.

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Ignite Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

We offer a broad variety of conditioning classes that include Pilates and Ballet Barre based workouts, bootcamps and body sculpting classes…There is a class to fit every level and need! Whether your desire is sports conditioning or maintaining good health and fitness, our classes will help you achieve your goals.

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Ignite Fitness Instructors

Fitness Instructors

The fitness instructors here at Ignite Yoga & Fitness have a passion and enthusiasm for helping you reach your goals. Each instructor has their own unique style and they all bring a fun twist to their fitness and strength classes while maintaining the right intensity to motivate you through your workout.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Ignite Fitness classes have changed my life, honestly! I've lost over 40 pounds and gained strength, confidence, made friends and have had so much fun in the process. Once you start you'll be hooked!

    Dania R.
  • My biggest regret since moving to Coral Springs two years ago is that I didn't find out about Fusion Fitness sooner. Awesome place, classes are fun and teachers are helpful and seem to really care about you.

    Jerri J.
  • Love the bootcamp whenever they have it, fusion pump and shred and shed are intense but fun. I get a full body workout and then I can go take a yoga or meditation class after. Fusion is perfect.

    Betty J.