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Spinning® Classes


Official Spinning® Facility

Get ready to be transformed. As you climb and sprint your way through one of our signature indoor cycling classes you will increase your endurance, energy, and burn calories to jump-start your metabolism.

The Spinning® program is set to heart-pumping music featuring changes in speed (RPM) and intensity (resistance) and offers a calorie burn (600 or more kcals) comparable to aerobics without the high level of joint impact. A typical Spinning® class will ride the equivalent of 15-20 miles on the road.

Spinning® effectively combines strength and cardiovascular training backed by science and driven by powerful and motivating music and instructors. Whether you are an avid outdoor cyclist, weekend warrior or novice, we have a class to fit your needs.


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Spinning Facility

Official Spinning® Facility

Ignite Yoga & Fitness is one of the few Official Spinning® Facilities in Coral Springs. Our rides will take you through flats, hills, mountains and valleys. Ride through all types of weather changes... all on your Spinner® bike.

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Spinning Instructors

Spinning® Instructors

The certified Spinning® instructors at Ignite Yoga & Fitness are ready to share their energy and dynamic attitudes with you. We'll keep you motivated all through class with our vibrant music and unbridled enthusiam. Get ready to ride!


What Our Clients Are Saying
  • The spinning instructors at Fusion exude a tremendous amount of energy which really helps carry me throughout all my classes. This is by far the best spinning studio I've been to!

    Marsha W.
  • I love this studio for spinning and yoga. Classes are intense and really focus on keeping you motivated. Just make sure to sign up early for the Spinning classes, they get packed fast.

    Julie B.
  • Absolutely amazing workout! Strong combination of physical exertion and mental acceptance. Fusion is such a great studio, the decor is awesome and the instructors are down to earth.

    Alex A.