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Mindful Yoga and Meditation Donation Class

Mindful Yoga and Meditation donation class with Fabienne on:
Wednesdays: Feb. 15th, 22nd, Mar. 1st, 8th and 15th
ALL donations going to the Alzheimer's Women's Movement founded by Maria Shriver. Sign up online on MINDBODY. Click this link to donate directly to the foundation.

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Pilates Fundamentals
Pilates Fundamentals Workshop

Every body has a different reason for why they are moving - Cody Jussel-

Learn how to better enhance your workout, core technique and breathe work. Fundamental workshop with Jessica
Saturday March 4th, 1-2 pm.
Only $20
Signup on MINDBODY.

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Restorative Workshop
Restorate Yoga Workshop

In Restorative Yoga poses the body is supported and made at ease with the use of props to promote relaxation, calm, and quietness of mind. Restorative yoga practice does not actively stretch or strengthen, but rather it requires no muscular effort and allows a feeling of safety and ease. Restorative Yoga poses elicit the relaxation response activating the parasympathetic nervous system bringing the body and mind into balance.

Participants completing this program will be able to:

  1. Explain the autonomic nervous system and the effects of restorative yoga.
  2. Practice pranayama (breathing techniques) to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.
  3. Describe the various uses and applications of yoga props used for restorative yoga.
  4. Identify the different restorative postures and their impact on the organs and spinal structure.
  5. Describe set up and practice different restorative yoga postures for improving digestion, respiration, and circulation.

Cost of Training: $150.00 Early Registration by 2/14; $175.00 Regular Registration.

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